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The DJI Inspire 1 Pro and 2 series are one of the most versatile and powerful professional digital cinema and photography airborne systems available.

Under the prestigious DJI brand, leader in air technology, this drone has two of the most important features of professional aerial recording systems:

The recording with 360º camera rotation, thanks to the elevation of its landing gear at takeoff and the possibility of handling it in a dual way, where the pilot only concentrates on the flight and the operator handles the camera independently, achieving spectacular shots impossible to achieve with other non-professional aerial systems.

Inspire 1: Flight time: 16 min - max speed: 80Km/h
Inspire 2: Flight time: 22 min - max speed: 94km/h


The Inspire 1 Pro and 2 series are equipped with the Zenmuse X5 and X5S cameras, designed specifically for aerial imaging and offering perfect image quality and stability.

With a 1-inch sensor, the Zenmuse X5 can record 4K video and take pictures of up to 16 Megapixels in RAW format. While the Zenmuse X5S extends its resolution to 6K and can obtain files in H265, Apple ProRes and DNG RAW formats.

These cameras have a wide selection of interchangeable lenses and also full wireless control over focus, aperture and more options.


Cámaras Estabilizadas DJI Zenmuse X5 y X5S


The Mavic 2 incorporates all the advanced DJI technologies in the minimum space, with its folding arms it is the most compact, lightweight drone with unique stability on the market.

In addition, the PRO version incorporates a 1-inch sensor camera from the prestigious Hasselblad brand that offers high image quality in such a compact system.

Its obstacle sensors and small size make it ideal for flying in confined spaces where larger and heavier drones cannot reach or where there is a high risk of collision with obstacles.

Flight time: 25 min - max speed: 65 Km/h

dji Mavic 2 Pro SkyREC drones


cámara de cine digital Canon C200 EOS utilizada por SkyREC barcelona

The Canon EOS C200 is a compact and versatile digital cinema camera with amazing features. It captures crisp, natural 4K images internally in Cinema RAW Light, MP4 or XF-AVC format stored on CFast 2.0™ or SD cards respectively, and records in slow motion 120P in Full HD with the EOS C200, suitable for a wide variety of productions.

The Canon Log 3 profile offers 13 dynamic range steps for the most demanding gradations, while the Wide DR setting has 12 dynamic range steps that preserve light and shadow details without the need for gradation.

We have complete equipment of camera Canon C200, with a wide range of accessories adaptable to each production and including camera operator and assistant, being able to include in the same production of aerial image.

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