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We have been offering services to the Audiovisual Production for more than 20 years, both in filming and in edition and postproduction. A long experience in which we have always managed to make use of the latest technologies available in order to offer the maximum creativity and quality in each image captured.


Currently our main activity is the filming and aerial photography with the use of drones or RPAS, offering this new technology to audiovisual production companies, advertising agencies, companies in the tourism sector and real estate, although we also offer services to construction companies and companies in the industrial sector to carry out aerial inspections for maintenance, photogrammetry or 3D mapping for technical uses, among others.


On an audiovisual level, we offer both aerial filming with professional drones and a ground filming service if necessary. The option of including both types of filming in the same project offers great advantages at an operational, logistical and budgetary level, as we can share the same personnel and technical material in both operations.


Located in Barcelona, we can provide our services anywhere in Spain and internationally, as long as the country's legislation allows us to do so.


Our air services have all the requirements demanded by the State Agency of Air Safety (AESA), as well as a civil responsibility insurance, which allows us to develop our professional activity with guarantee and safety.

Largometraje un trabajo y una película

With the series 2 of the legendary DJI Inspire, we make aerial recordings with RAW DNG or Apple ProRess quality and with resolutions of 5.2 K up to 12 bits, ideal for Film, Advertising and Television productions.

Pilot and camera operator are synchronized at the director's orders to get the best aerial shots in Spots, short films or television series.


Photography, aerial video and 3D modeling of large estates, housing complexes and high-end buildings for sale or rent, also making the interior images and editing, being able to offer a complete service to real estate agents and individuals.

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We also offer a service of dimensioning of plots, inspection of land, facades and roofs, for their maintenance.


We perform Orthophotos, elevation maps, contour lines, 3D reconstructions and volumetric data of works for construction companies exclusively from images taken from our drones.

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We plan the project, the programming of the mapping routes and the process of the images taken until the final rendering.  


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